Abstinence is a Thing of the Past
A horse and carraige of Abstinence representing that it is a thing of the past

“I remember first learning about sexual health (including abstinence) in 6th grade health class.  With a very early personal interest in the health professions, health class was one of my favorite parts of middle school.  What I remember most clearly are the snickers and giggles that overwhelmed the classroom each time our teacher uttered the words “sex,” “penis,” or “vagina.”  Flash forward to 8th or 9th grade when peers and friends started to experiment with sexual activity first-hand.  It was interesting to witness the tides change from considering sex this elusive, distant phenomenon to a realistic, natural act that actually might interest us one day. My personal opinion is that teaching abstinence is a “thing of the past.”  I think it’s unrealistic to teach abstinence as a productive and effective form of birth control.  Teenagers and young adults are going to have sex.  Period.  It is higher yield for a health educator to focus on safe sex — i.e. preventing STIs and unintended pregnancies.  Instead of treating sex as this “elusive, distant” thing, we should instill in young people the knowledge base and tools to approach sex in the safest, most prudent manner.”