Don’t Share Your Sex Cake – It’s for Marriage
Slice of cake

“[The messages I received about sex were] that it is for married people and it’s a good thing for marriage and umm I learned a lot about like… like even in church they passed around piece of cake and had people like pinch it off of it and were like if you have sex this is what you are going to give your husband so really negative and bad, so and just no talk of like if it does happen [sexual activity] then its okay to feel ‘this or this or this’, it was all just straight, don’t do it.

Like I didn’t feel informed at all and I feel like I got into a lot of bad situations that I’d like never would’ve gotten into if I had been like educated and kinda I felt like I was trying to figure out for myself what I thought about it and I felt like the only way to do that was experiencing yeah and so like if I had like more information that would have totally changed things for me yeah…like I would have known about consent way before going through some not great experiences or learning about it from my friend’s experiences.”