Intent to Scare Not Prepare
hand drawn picture of a girl with the top of her head missing so you can see her brain

“I think it’s a thing too at that age you want to act like you know everything, I felt very naïve I felt like I didn’t know a lot of things and now that I’m older I’ve realized even if you aren’t sexually active at the time its stuff you need to know like you need to be prepared…I remember one time it was probably a couple of years ago me and my friends got together and we were like talking about something and then [sex and STDs] came up and I was like ‘they told you all that?!’ and they were like ‘Yeah!’ and I was like we were not told that like they were told more of like the process of it, what it is, um what that looks like I just like we were never told like and if you were to be in this situation like this is what you should do. So I don’t know if their intention was to scare us but like we weren’t like prepared or like educated on if it were to happen.”