Thanks Mom!
Hand drawn picture from child of self and mother taped to the fridge

“Growing up, formal sexual education in school was a topic that was generally avoided. I only remember one or two classes that focused on responsible sexual practices. Of course we took health classes, but these skirted around the issue of practicing safe sex. When it was brought up, abstinence was the only thing discussed. Luckily, I grew up with a very open-minded mother who filled in all the gaps. She discussed with me things like how to practice safe sex, when to practice safe sex, who to practice safe sex with, and what could happen if I did not. At the time, I probably scoffed at her and said things like, “ew” and that I “didn’t want to discuss it,” but now I appreciate it. I grew up with a healthy understanding of sexual health and safe-sex practices. As an adult, I feel very confident when it comes to making my own decisions on what is best for myself. I also feel confident about when and how to say no, and when and how to say yes. I think that if I hadn’t been exposed to my mother’s teachings, and only focused on the abstinence teachings in school, I would have grown up to be scared of sex.”