Still Fighting Shame

I went to catholic school and we did receive sex Ed but it was called “family life” which was confusing to me as a young person. We were told about how the actual process of sex worked, and then the other things I remember were phrases like “masturbation and petting are sinful and wrong” etc. There was never ever any mention of contraceptives that I can recall. I don’t think I had any sex ed in high school??? If so I don’t remember it so I’d say that earlier education was really what stuck with me and until maybe halfway through college I always had feelings of shame related to sex even though in my head I didn’t feel like what I was doing was wrong. It was also around this time that I stopped believing in God, and I think this really affected me as a person on a whole lot of levels. I became a lot more open and willing to learn about my body. I’d say I am still learning and still do fight some of the shameful feelings that I think came from things I was taught in catholic school, but I am much more accepting of myself and obviously think contraception is awesome and sex ed needs to be a lot more realistic if it’s going to be effective in teaching and empowering people.